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Common Causes of Knee Pain

Weak muscles:
Not being active enough can cause the Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Calf’s to get weak.  When those muscles get weak, then the knee joint absorbs more force.  These additional forces will cause negative stresses on the knee.  As the joint stresses, it breaks down.  This can be a cause of early Arthritis.  Also, there is more stress on the ligaments, which can cause tears.

Imbalanced muscles:
Another cause of pain is imbalanced muscles surrounding the knee. For example, the Quadriceps could be overly strong and the Hamstrings are not as strong.  This will impose uneven forces to the knee due to the poor muscle balances, ultimately causing early joint break down.  Just like if you had a car that was out of alignment, eventually something would wear down and break.  Imbalanced muscles can be caused by stagnant lifestyle, poor or lack of warm up/cool down prior to exercise, poor rehabilitation after injury and improper exercise.

Improper exercise:
Improper exercising can cause knee injury. Especially, for people who are just starting an exercise program or people not used to exercising.  It is easy to overwork or do exercises wrong, which can lead to added stress and cause injury.  People who are recovering from an injury should be cautious as they resume or start a regular exercise program.  If they exercise improperly, it will cause a re-injury if not worse.

Gradual wear and tear:
Wearing improper shoes can lead to wear and tear on your knee.  Even though you may not notice any injury at that moment, there is gradual wear and tear that will eventually cause problems for you down the road.

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Patient Testimonials
“Therapy is great! The staff is great, terrific, helpful and my shoulder pain is much better. I can reach over my head! I highly recommend DASH therapy for all patients. Thank you.” -Ms. Irma R.

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